art·ist ( artists )


Professional Artist


• a person who produces paintings or drawings as a profession or hobby.
synonyms: designer, creator, originator, producer; old master "a mural artist"
• a person who practices any of the various creative arts, such as a sculptor, novelist, poet, or filmmaker.
• a person skilled at a particular task or occupation."a surgeon who is an artist with the scalpel"
synonyms: expert, master, maestro, past master, virtuoso, genius; informal pro, ace

Professional Artist in Carlisle, Pennsylvania

The artists that we are honored to represent . . .

Chris Mackie

Pastel, acrylic painting, stainless steel sculpture

Clarence Lewis

Exterior, oil based, house paint.

David Ohlerking

plein air oil painting

David Reinbold

Pen & ink, watercolor, oil, acrylic and digital.

Frank Gallo

Cast paper sculpture, polyester resin and cast glass

Ira J. Deen

Oil painting

James Krabiel

All graphic, paint, mixed and sculpture media.

Jamie Wyeth

Oil, guache, watercolor, etc.

John Wright


Louis Icart

Painting, drawing and printmaking

Phil Selzer

Oil painting

Susie Stamm Andrews

Porcelain and found object sculpture.

Thomas Hart Benton

Oil, watercolor, lithography, murals, teaching.

Yachiyo Beck

Oil and watercolor painting